We’re kicking off the new year with NUDE SKIN, so let’s go nude and get real.

But first, what is NUDE SKIN?

We believe in the minimalist beauty approach to creating natural and real looking skin. We believe that your most beautiful self is when you look and feel like the best version of yourself. In order to create the perfect NUDE SKIN look there are 3 key steps: BLUSH, BRONZE and GLOW.


So let’s get started.


Let’s talk blush, baby.

Blush is a must for an au natural flush of color to the cheeks, eyes and lips --- replicating the appearance of healthy, glowing and flushed skin.


We’re introducing an all-new NUDIES Matte All-Over Face Blush in the shade SUNSET STRIP. The perfect nude coral, with just the right amount of pop to add a bright flush of color to the cheeks, eyes and lips. Think of a sunset in a stick! It’s the most beautiful combination of neutral pink and coral. Très magnifique. Not to mention, the formula is a skin-loving soft cream balm that melts onto the skin for a natural skin-like finish. Made in Korea, this innovative formula softly kisses the skin with a soft, lightweight and luxurious natural matte formula.


  1. On Bare Skin: Swipe NUDIES All-Over Blush Color on eyes, cheeks and lips directly from the color balm stick then stipple in a patting motion with blending brush or fingers to blend out any hard edges.
  2. Over Medium to Full Coverage Makeup:  Swipe fingers or brush onto color balm stick then apply on eyes, cheeks and lips with brush or fingers and stipple in a patting motion to blend out hard edges.

P.S. Try unwinding stipple brush and swiping onto color balm then apply directly onto cheeks, eyes and lips

Pictured: Nudies Matte Blush Sunset Strip, Model: Kat wearing Sunset Strip on the eyes, lips & cheeks



We’ve teamed up with the bronze queen herself -- celebrity makeup artist, Mary Phillips. Known for her iconic sunkissed makeup looks on celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, Mary believes that a “timeless fresh Sunkissed glow [...] never goes out of style”. So naturally, Mary designed a Nudies Matte Bronze golden coral bronze “[...] that can warm up, create depth & give life to the skin in the most natural way possible”.  

Why you will LOVE our Nudies Matte formula…

“The multi-purpose Nudestix Nudies continues to be one of my favorite go-to formulas because it blends out to look and feel like natural skin.  This creamy texture adheres to the skin without splotching, giving an even smooth finish. I just warm up the product on my skin & apply with a brush or finger tips to eyes, lips or cheeks to contour or add pop of color to any skin tone. This versatile, buildable, easy to use stick is a must-have product for any look. Like all Nudestix products, Sunkissed is vegan & animal cruelty free.” – Mary Phillips, Celebrity Makeup Artist


  1. Use as an all-over bronzer, warm blush or to sculpt
  2. On Bare Skin: Swipe NUDIES All-Over Bronze Color just under cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin then stipple in a patting motion with blending brush or fingers to blend
  • Add to eyelids and lips for a beachy, sun kissed look.

     (3) Over Makeup:  Swipe fingers or brush onto Bronze Color balm stick just under cheekbones,       forehead, nose and chin then stipple in a patting motion with blending brush or fingers to blend.

  • Add to eyelids and lips for a beachy, sun kissed look.


Pictured: Nudies Matte Bronze in Sunkissed, Mary Phillips applying sunkissed on co-founder Taylor Frankel, Model: Taylor wearing Sunkissed



More than a glow, less than a glitter. MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS are a multi-tasking, luminous skin brightener and highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips. This glimmering metallic gel ~melts~ onto skin for a lightweight, skin-like nude glow that layers to a MAX strobe hi-lighter for eye brightening, face hi-lighting and lip foiling. Sets for all day waterproof wear… so you can go swimming on the first date ;).  

The Glimmer Fam:

99% ANGEL a stunning radiant rose gold

24K GODDESS a gilded champagne gold

BRONZI BABE a radiant golden bronze

Magnetic Nude Glimmers take a reflective finish to a whole new level. Made in Italy, this super luxe formula provides the perfect shimmery sheen for all-over highlighting from a skin-loving candlelit glow to a high voltage foil that is never oily. Wear as a foiled topper over face, eye and lip makeup or on its own to highlight, brighten and glow on face, collar bone and décolleté.


  1. To Multi-task - Apply MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS as a highlighter on eyes, cheeks and lips
  2. For a Subtle Sheen - Apply a small dot of MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMERS and blend immediately.
  3. For a Maximum Strobe - Build layers for ultimate foil on eyes and lips
  4. For a Lit-From Within Look - Mix a small amount of MAGNETIC NUDE GLIMMER with your moisturizer or foundation.

P.S. Our Magnetic Nude Glimmers are...Hypoallergenic, Gluten-free, Fragrance Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free!

The secret is out… now you know how to create the perfect NUDE SKIN. I can’t wait for you all to blush, bronze and glow. #gonudebutbetter


Taylor, co-founder @nudestix