Oh no, I hit the checkout button too soon! Now what?

While we do work to get your order out right away, email us at hello@nudestix.com ASAP if you would like to cancel or change your order. Make sure to put “CANCEL” in the subject line. We will do our best to get back to you in time!

Tell me more about your NUDESKIN 30Day Guarantee!

For more details on the 30Day program including the fine print, check out our policy here: https://nudestix.ca/pages/nudeskin-30-day-results-guaranteed-return-policy

What CLEAN Means To Us

NUDESTIX audits and follows global health & beauty regulations. All NUDESTIX products use ingredients with global cosmetic safety approvals by food and drug recognized government agencies.

Further to global regulatory auditing, NUDESTIX founders, chemical engineers and regulatory scientists have also elevated internal standards by alignment with cruelty-free agencies, our dermatologist/medical advisor, our community, global retailer ‘clean’, ‘good for you’, conscious beauty’ ingredient recommendations and sustainability guidelines on the compilation of a ‘NUDESTIX Global Black List’. This ‘Black List’ consists of over 1350 ingredients, is updated annually, and scientifically peer reviewed to align with our brand mission.

When NUDESTIX refers to clean products, we refer to products and packaging that DO NOT CONTAIN ingredients and/or packaging materials found in the ‘NUDESTIX Global Black List’. This is always an evolving list, as new ingredient science, labelling guidelines and global regulations may change at any time and may take time to reformulate, repackage and manufacture. All web pages and labelling disclose full ingredient lists for full transparency. – Jenny Frankel, Professional Engineer, CEO and Founder.

Can I use more than one promo code at checkout?

At this time, you can only use one promo code at checkout.

Are Nudestix products going to work for my skin type?

Of course! We put a lot of care into our products and are happy to offer easy-to-use makeup and skincare that works with all skin types, including dry, sensitive, oily, and mature skin. Our products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Most are also vegan. If you have any specific questions, email hello@nudestix.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Will my Nudestix products ever expire?

All expiration times vary so please look at your purchase and find the symbol. It will show you the number of months after opening that it has the optimal quality.

Do you test on animals?

Never! All products are cruelty-free.

How do I find the shades best for my skin tone?

Use our virtual try-on tool! Instantly try on more than 100 shades of our best-selling products. If you have specific questions, such as about complexion products, email us at hello@nudestix.com and we’d be happy to give you some personalized advice.

Are your products available anywhere besides nudestix.com?

Nudestix products are sold at Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, Nordstrom, Boots, Nykaa, Bloomingdales, Revolve, well.ca, Beautylish, Selfridges, Flannels, Cult, Niche and Beauty Bay.

Why can the ingredients lists vary?

Nudestix formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to innovation and maintaining global compliance. Therefore, ingredient lists or claims shown here may differ from the box of the product depending on time and global region of purchase.

So, what’s next? I love new products!

Stay tuned for our next big thing! And we mean BIG! Sign up here to be the first to know about all the surprises we have in store.

How can I get involved with Nudestix?

Want to get involved in all the Nudestix fun? Tag us on social with the hashtag #YesNudestix! You could be posted on our Nudestix channels! You can also join the Babe Boss program and have the potential to receive free products, the possibility of commission through our affiliate program, earn discounts and more. Are you a professional artist? Sign up for Pro! Learn all about the different programs here.

How to choose your complimentary samples?

We are happy to provide 2 complimentary product samples with every merchandise order available at checkout. This can be done by selecting the samples of your choice and adding them to your cart. While we try our best to provide a variety of options, our product samples are limited and may be substituted or removed entirely if certain options become unavailable.
Once your samples are selected and your order is submitted, we cannot make adjustments to your order. This includes reshipping samples for any circumstance.
Please understand that we reserve the right to remove the option for free samples at any time as this is not an obligatory offer.

Something’s wrong with my received order!

If you have an issue of any kind, please be sure to contact us within 30 days of receiving it. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that action can be taken for orders after the 30 day period. Please refer to our return/exchange policies for full details on our policies.

Packages Lost/Delayed With Delivering Parties

We're sorry to hear that the delivering party has been negligent with your package. Here at Nudestix we are committed to ensuring that your package arrives safely into the hands of the third-party delivering party. With that said, we do know from years of experience that they can sometimes not fulfill on their end. If this is the case, please file a formal complaint & investigation with the delivering party so they can investigate on our end. Nudestix is not responsible for any lost/stolen packages once they have been received by the delivering party.


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