Hey girl, I'm here to help you avoid one of beauty's most common faux pas' ... picking the wrong nude lip color for your skin/lip tone. Many people forget that there is a crazy amount of nude lip colors out there: warm and cool undertones, pinks, corals, browns and so on. Hopefully my tips on how to find the perfect nude lip will help ya out!


First, ask yourself…what do you consider a nude lip color? A nude lip that matches your exact lip color OR a nude lip that actually pales out your natural lip tone. Now you’re ready to find YOUR perfect shade!

If you have FAIR skin, try our Cream Lip + Cheek in 'LOVE' which is a soft, delicate pink nude with a satin finish.

TIP: If you love how a nude lip shade looks on your hand, it does not mean you will love it on your lips! Most of us have more pigment to our natural lip and/or have more pink to our lip. SO, be sure to try the shade on your lips to be sure it’s your perfect nude!

If you have LIGHT skin, you can get away with a pinky nude OR beige nude! You want the color to be slightly more pigmented than your natural skin tone. Try our Cream Lip + Cheek in ‘SOUL’ for a beige nude or Cream Lip + Cheek in ‘WHISPER’ if you’re looking for more of a pinky nude.

TIP: We’ve seen our fave celebs pull off “beige” ish tones, however unless you’re going for the “living dead’ look, these types of nudes can look very chalky and ashy on the lips. Be sure to choose a beige that has a little bit of mauve to it! Try our Cream Lip + Cheek pencil in ‘Whisper’ or Intense Matte Lip + Cheek in ‘Tamed’ to get a similar look.

If you have OLIVE skin, look for a coral/beige nude lip color that is darker than the shade of your skin. With cooler undertones, you have a lot more versatility with nude lip shades. You can either go deeper or lighter than your skin shade so that your lips don't disappear. Try our Cream Lip + Cheek in ‘MYSTIC’ which is the perfect balanced nude with both brown and pink undertones.

TIP: For a MLBB (my lips but better) lip color, find a shade similar to your lip tone but a shade or two deeper. This type of nude lip is perfect if you want your lips to ‘pop’ without being too intense or dramatic.

If you have CARAMEL skin, I love the look of our Intense Matte Lip + Cheek in ‘ENTICE’. It’s a beautiful matte coral/beige nude that is super pigmented!

If you have DARK skin, it’s all about playing with the lights and shadows of your face for definition. I always suggest our Cream Lip + Cheek in ‘SIN’. It’s a neutral plum that gives you a pop of color without looking to ‘in your face’.

TIP: If you have A LOT of pigment to your natural lip tone — try neutralizing your lip with concealer or foundation. This will make any pale nude lip color look true to its color when applied to your lips.

Now, get outta here and go find yourself the perfect nude lip color!  Don’t forget to tag @nudestix and #gonudebutbetter on Instagram ;)

Yours Truly,