Winter is in full swing, which means cold, dry air and harsh winds are taking a heavy toll on your skin. If you already have dry skin, winter is the most dreaded season of the year. But even if your skin is normal, combination, or oily, winter can seriously take a toll on your skinโ€™s health. It becomes difficult to figure out what makeup and skincare products will work on your skin.

Dry patches become more common, you might find yourself reapplying moisturizer multiple times a day, or you might even have to carry around a travel-sized hydrating spray to help get you through the day without your face feeling like itโ€™ll crack when you smile. And thatโ€™s before you even put makeup on. Makeup adds another layer of product that can potentially dry out your face, so you have to be very careful with which products you choose to use during the winter season.

If youโ€™re looking for ways to keep your skin healthy and hydrated in these cold winter months, here are a few of our makeup and skincare recommendations.


Overnight Mask

Start off your skincare routine the night before with an overnight mask. Glamglowโ€™s new Good In Bed Passionfruit Softening Night Cream is a great way to reset your skin and give it the nourishment it needs โ€” and deserves. Exfoliating acids lightly resurface the skin, while hyaluronic acid sucks in moisture and keeps in locked in, and passionfruit oil helps nourish the skin. A light layer of this over your normal nighttime skincare will leave your skin plump and glowy the next day, ready to protect your face under makeup and take on the cold winter winds.


Donโ€™t forget to moisturize your body while youโ€™re taking care of your dry spots. Sol de Janeiroโ€™s signature Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a super-rich body butter that is deeply hydrating but also quick-drying, so you can glow underneath your parka and leggings. It also contains caffeine-rich Guaranรก extract to help tighten the skin while it hydrates.



Prep your skin for the day with a gentle cleanser, like the Blueberry Bounce Cleanser from Glow Recipe. The light formula will help wash away any impurities and any gunked up skincare from the night before, but itโ€™s still hydrating and wonโ€™t strip away your skinโ€™s moisture. The blueberry extract in the cleanser is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which help fight away free radicals and other environmental stressors, and, like the overnight mask, it contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin as it cleans. Youโ€™ll have bouncy, fresh skin, ready for daytime skincare and makeup.

Moisturizer & SPF

Farmacyโ€™s Honey Drop Moisturizer and Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector are a great duo to protect your face against the elements and to help keep your skin moisturized under makeup. Apply Honey Drop first to give skin a light layer of hydration. It is formulated as a gel-cream so you get all of the hydrating benefits without the heaviness of a full cream. Honey is fully hydrating, while hyaluronic acid helps repair and maintain the skinโ€™s moisture barrier, and six different superfoods in the formula help replenish nutrients and maintain the skinโ€™s elasticity. Even in the wintertime, SPF is an absolute must. Green Screen has SPF 30, and also has ingredients to help protect against other environmental stressors, like pollution and blue light.


Traditional foundations can be drying on the skin, so instead, opt for something lighter-coverage and more moisturizing like our Nudies Tinted Blur sticks. It comes in 10 shades that contain shade-adjusting pigments, so you can always find your perfect match. Plus, itโ€™s made with coco and green tea emollients to help hydrate your skin while itโ€™s on, so youโ€™ll maintain the dewy look throughout the day. You can #MixYourStix, using a lighter shade to highlight and/or conceal, while a darker shade can contour and bronze. They blend together seamlessly and youโ€™ll have fresh-looking skin that doesnโ€™t even know that itโ€™s winter.


Blush & Contour

Powders are notoriously drying, and they emphasize dry texture and flakes more than cream and liquid products do. If youโ€™re not in the mood to try to make powders work this holiday season, add color to your cheeks with our Nudies All Over Face Colors.

Bare Back and In The Nude are both perfect for the flushed look for light to medium skin tones, while Naughty & Spice works as a deeper blush on light and medium skin tones or as a nude on deeper skin tones.

Our two deeper shades, Bondi Bae and Deep Maple Eh can work as bronze and contour colors on all skin tones, and you can even apply them to your eyelids for a more monochromatic look.



Even though matte lips are the name of the game during the winter season, you can also opt for something more lightweight to keep your lips moisturized, like our Gel Color Lip & Cheek Balms. We have eight different shades in a variety of tones to help suit your mood, and they work all over the face if youโ€™re going for a glossier vibe.


Even though itโ€™s winter, it doesnโ€™t mean that your skincare or glam have to suffer. Take these recommendations and slay your way through the season!

Adele Accardi