As a #BabeBoss I am always on-the-go, or in other words I practically live out of a suitcase. Whether I’m travelling to New York City to meet with press, or jet setting to South East Asia to launch our latest Nudestix product - I choose my beauty products wisely, as they need to fit into my hectic lifestyle.

#1: Concealer

I always compare my concealer to my shot of espresso in the morning. While travelling, I’m most likely running on minimal sleep, so as a result, my under eye circles say hello more than usual. My Concealer Pencil saves me from walking into meetings like the living dead! It’s my secret weapon for a no-makeup makeup look.

#2: Lash Lengthening Mascara

Because, who doesn’t love long healthy lashes! I also have super sensitive eyes, so I love that our mascara is ophthalmologist tested and hypoallergenic.

#3: Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo

This is a life saver. When travelling, I typically have very long days and if I’m doing events, the worst is having to re-do perfectly curled or straightened hair everyday (especially since I have a LOT of hair). This dry shampoo also works to volumize your hair — major key if you tend to have flat or heavy hair like me.


#4: Ouai Finishing Crème

The alter ego to my flat hair is, well, my immensely frizzy hair. Go figure. I dab a touch of this cream on my fingers, rub them together and comb it through my hair using my fingers. It’s the perfect finishing touch to tame my mane, so definitely a #BabeBoss beauty product must-have.


#5: Intense Matte Lip + Cheek

My Intense Matte lip color goes everywhere with me. I keep one in my makeup bag and one in my purse! Our Intense Matte Lip + Cheek pencils are ideal for travel since they are 6 hour long-wearing, kiss-proof and transfer-proof! Plus they’re a 3-in-1 lip color/lipstick, liner and cheek color so I’m all set!

#6: Eyebrow Stylus Pencil + Gel

I’m one of those girls who will brush my brows before brushing my hair. Everyone has one or two features on their face that they love to accentuate — and I have a healthy obsession with my brows!

#8: Magnetic Matte Eye Color

My go-to eye colors for a natural day-to-night nude makeup look! They last ALL DAY, so I don’t need to worry about a wreck and rebuild. Not to mention, the colors are beautiful, autumn inspired neutrals that go with any outfit/look.

And there you have it — 8 of my #BabeBoss beauty product essentials!

Lots of Love,